Funds Needed For Apple Orchard Site

We all enjoy the repeaters in the area. Most of us take no notice of what is and must be required to maintain a repeater site. Not the cost of maintenance or site fees. Please consider supporting WA1ZMS costs associated with the Apple Orchard site.

This is an urgent request to all users of the Apple Orchard repeaters — 2 meters, 220, 440 and 900 Mhz.

Many of our members use the Apple Orchard repeater stack — 146.685, 442.650 and others — owned and maintained by Brian Justin WA1ZMS. Brian has always taken care of the costs of operating the repeaters out of his own pocket, with an occasional request for donations. We’re very blessed in this area to have many dedicated people who maintain the repeater systems at no cost to the users, and all of the LARC sites have no operating costs. Count your blessings folks, it does cost real dollars to be on AO.

BUT — Brian found out yesterday that the Forest Service, under pressure from our beloved money grubbing Congress, no doubt, had to re-assess user fees for the entire stock of sites. He got a bill for $816 — fortunately, supposedly, a one time charge — to keep his site on the mountain. It’s due September 1, 2017.

I’m going to send him a check, and urge anyone who uses the system to do so as well. His address is 1704 Cottontown Road, Forest, VA, 24551. Please help if you are able, preferably before you press the PTT on 685 the next time.