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ARRL Systems Service Disruption

(Copied from ARRL Website)

Updated 07/01/2024

Effective 12:00pm ET / 16:00 UTC we will be returning Logbook of The World® (LoTW®) to service. As work progressed on the network, some users encountered LoTW opening briefly during which some 6600 logs were uploaded. The logs were not processed until this weekend as we tested that the interfaces to LoTW were functioning properly.We are taking steps to help manage what will likely be a huge influx of logs. We are requesting that if you have large uploads, perhaps from contests or from a DXpedition, please wait a week or two before uploading to give LoTW a chance to catch up. We have also implemented a process to reject logs with excessive duplicates. Please do not upload your entire log to “ensure” your contacts are in LoTW as they will be rejected. Lastly, please do not call ARRL Headquarters to report issues you are having with LoTW. You can contact support at the end of the year, you may experience planned times when LoTW will be unavailable. We have been using this time to evaluate operational and infrastructure improvements we would like to make to LoTW. Those times will be announced.We appreciate your patience as we worked through the challenges keeping LoTW from returning to service. We know the importance of LoTW to our members, and to the tens of thousands of LoTW users who are not ARRL members. LoTW, just behind QST, is our second most popular ARRL benefit.  This story will be updated with new developments. 

Updated 6/21/2024

ARRL staff continue to work with outside industry experts to ensure that all servers have been remediated, tested, and all data has been confirmed. We have also been working to ensure that the network is secure.

As noted in previous updates, Logbook of The World® servers and data are fine and working. LoTW® has dependencies on other servers, for example membership data, which have not yet been returned to service. We will announce when LoTW is open for user access. We anticipate that the queue will grow quite large once live, and we are evaluating ways to manage that potential issue.

As a reminder, 2024 ARRL Field Day is this weekend. We note that some groups have scaled back or cancelled their outdoor plans due to excessive heat or severe weather threats. Please use caution this weekend (visit for heat and health information). Enjoy Field Day. The Field Day bulletin will be transmitted from W1AW and K6KPH as scheduled (see PDF schedule). Your Field Day results may be uploaded to or mailed to ARRL after the event. 

This story will be updated with new developments. 

Updated 6/14/2024

We are continuing to make progress on restoring the ARRL network and many related systems and databases. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we carefully address and restore affected services.

While the Logbook of The World® server, Online DXCC, and related user data are secure and unaffected, we have taken the precautionary measure of keeping the services offline until we can ensure the security and integrity of our networks.

The ARRL Learning Center (, our online course and training hub, is accessible. The Learning Center includes content from across a variety of amateur radio topics and interests. The Learning Center will require a slightly different login experience while we continue to restore interconnected databases. Users who have logged into the Learning Center before will need to use their EMAIL ADDRESS and use the ‘forgot my password’ function to set a new Learning Center password. Users who are new to the system will sign up/register using their email address. When ARRL systems are fully restored, user accounts will be reconciled with membership accounts again.

ARRL Field Day is June 22 – 23, 2024. Visit for rules and other resources to help prepare your participation. Following the event, online entries will be supported as usual at

The ARRL Volunteer Examiner Coordinator is continuing to process Amateur Radio License applications to the FCC. We have processed all applications from exam sessions uploaded by Volunteer Examiners through June 12, 2024. Sessions mailed to ARRL VEC and received by us are processed within 1 – 2 business days.

The new Amateur Extra-class Question Pool will be effective beginning July 1, 2024. New Extra-class exam booklet designs will be supplied to VE teams as soon as possible. Teams may also contact the ARRL VEC after July 1 for an emailed version in the interim.

This story will be updated with new developments.

Updated 6/6/2024

We are aware that certain members believe we should be openly communicating everything associated with this incident. We are working with industry experts, including cyber crime attorneys and the authorities, who have directed us to be conservative and cautious with our communications while restoring the ARRL network.

ARRL’s association membership system was not impacted by this attack. Members can renew online at or by phoning ARRL. Additionally, the online ARRL Store is operating as normal. ARRL Field Day merchandise is still available for immediate shipping. Please see this latest news story about ARRL Field Day.

The digital edition of the July 2024 issue of QST will be available as scheduled, on Friday, June 7. The print edition will go to press on Monday, June 10. Members may also access digital editions of QST dating back to 2012, and current and previous issues of On the AirQEX, and NCJ magazines back to 2020.

As previously reported, the ARRL Volunteer Examiner Coordinator is processing Amateur Radio License applications received from Volunteer Examiners who completed candidate exam sessions. As of June 6, our staff are processing applications from exams given on May 22.

As previously reported, W1AW, the Hiram Percy Maxim Memorial Station is fully operational with voice, CW, and digital bulletins, code practice, and qualifying runs. The station continues to welcome visiting operators during normal visiting hours. 

The ARRL June VHF Contest is June 8 – 10, 2024. Online log submission will be supported as usual. The log submission function was similarly supported for the recent ARRL Digital Contest, held June 1 – 2.

The publication of most ARRL e-newsletters, including the weekly ARRL Letter, has resumed with minimal disruption to regular schedules. A new platform for emailing newsletters has been implemented, leading to some variations in layout.

Updated 6/4/2024

On or around May 12, 2024, ARRL was the victim of a sophisticated network attack by a malicious international cyber group. ARRL immediately involved the FBI and engaged with third party experts to investigate.

This serious incident was extensive and categorized by the FBI as “unique,” compromising network devices, servers, cloud-based systems, and PCs.

ARRL management quickly established an incident response team. This has led to an extensive effort to contain and remediate the networks, restore servers, and staff are beginning the testing of applications and interfaces to ensure proper operation.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as our staff continue to work through this with an outstanding team of experts to restore full functionality to our systems and services.

We will continue to update members as advised and to the extent we are able.

This story will be updated with new developments.

Updated 5/31/2024 

Our phone system has been returned to service. ARRL may be reached at 1-860-594-0200 or 1-888-277-5289 (toll-free in the US), Monday through Thursday from 8 AM to 7 PM Eastern Time, and until 5 PM on Fridays. Members can also email general inquiries to

The ARRL International Digital Contest is this weekend, June 1 – 2, 2024, and the ARRL June VHF Contest is June 8 – 10, 2024. The ARRL Contest Portal will be available with limited functionality at Log submission pages will continue to be available at, and logs received can be viewed at The log submission links are also available on the contest landing pages at and

Members are reminded that the June 2024 issue of QST magazine, the special ARRL Field Day edition, can be viewed online. Members may also access digital editions of QST dating back to 2012. Access to archives for QST issues older than 2012, which are accessed through the ARRL website, is not presently available. For On the Air, QEX, and NCJ magazines, members may access the current issues and previous issues back to 2020. Visit for links to all four magazines and to download the ARRL Magazines app.

Work is continuing to publish the July 2024 issue of QST magazine. We anticipate an on-time delivery of the digital edition, and delayed delivery for those who subscribe to the printed magazine.

We have heard from members asking if they can renew their membership at this time. Members can renew online at or by phoning ARRL.

As reported earlier this week, ARRL Store orders ( have resumed shipping.

This story will be updated with new developments.

Updated 5/29/2024

This update includes information about the status of several services as we continue to respond to a serious incident involving access to our network and systems.

The ARRL Volunteer Examiner Coordinator (ARRL VEC) has resumed the processing of Amateur Radio License applications with the FCC. A more comprehensive update on the status of ARRL VEC services is available here.

There has been no interruption to visitor operating at W1AW, the Hiram Percy Maxim Memorial Station. The station resumed voice bulletins on Thursday, May 23. All other scheduled transmissions, including Morse code practice, and code and digital bulletins, will resume on Thursday, May 30. Please refer to the regular operating schedule at

After last week’s distribution of the ARRL Letter, our e-newsletter service has resumed. Current editions of ARRL Club News and The ARES® Letter have also been distributed.

ARRL Store orders have resumed shipping. Orders are being fulfilled from earliest order dates to the latest. Please allow additional time for our processing.

There has been no disruption to the email forwarding service, though forwarding email addresses and aliases cannot be modified at this time.

Our telephone system is unavailable at this time.

We appreciate your patience as we continue working on restoring access to affected systems and services.

This story will be updated with new developments.

Updated 5/22/2024

We are continuing to address a serious incident involving access to our network and systems. Several services, such as Logbook of The World® and the ARRL Learning Center, are affected.

We have heard from many LoTW® users, asking about the status of the service and its data. This is not an LoTW server issue, and LoTW data is secure.

Our editorial and production team is preparing the July issue of QST magazine, which is still going to press. It may be delivered a few days late to members who receive print subscriptions. The digitial edition should be published on time.

We appreciate your continued patience as our staff and others work tirelessly to restore affected systems.

This story will be updated with new developments.

Updated 5/17/2024

Some members have asked whether their personal information has been compromised in some way. ARRL does not store credit card information anywhere on our systems, and we do not collect social security numbers. Our member database only contains publicly available information like name, address, and call sign along with ARRL specific data like email preferences and membership dates.

Original story below:

We are in the process of responding to a serious incident involving access to our network and headquarters-based systems. Several services, such as Logbook of The World® and the ARRL Learning Center, are affected. Please know that restoring access is our highest priority, and we are expeditiously working with outside industry experts to address the issue. We appreciate your patience. 

This story will be updated with new developments.

ARRL Field Day is June 22-23 2024

Field Day! We’ve moved!! The new site is the Brookville Ruritan Club, off of Old Graves Mill Road, with plenty of signs to get you there.  Turn left (or right, depending on your perspective) on to Pearson Drive, then right on to Beverly Hills Circle and follow the signs to the park.

There’s a big parking area, lots of trees, a small pavilion and an air conditioned building about 3 times the size of Izaac Walton, with a big commercial kitchen.

AND — it’s pretty much central for everyone!  All of us hope that the new location will bring more folks out to enjoy the contest and operate.  We will be 3A again this year, with Phone, CW and digital (FT4/FT8) mode stations, something for everyone!

We will need help with the setup on Friday, June 21, starting around 9 am and the following morning as well. As always the “operating event” starts at 2 pm local time on Saturday and continues for 24 hours. 

We did minimal antenna work last time, but expect to do a lot more since we’re back full force. CW, Digital and Phone operators are needed, as well as Elmers to watch over the GOTA station. FD is fun, educational, and with the accommodations, cool. With no bugs. A far cry from the old days out at American Legion Lake. So sign up to help or operate or both, come on out and have some fun.

And PLEASE — recruit our newer hams who have never experienced FD. We need operators and workers!

We do plan to have a Saturday evening meal organized by (bless you) Kay Brown for whomever is on site.  Anyone who was there last year will remember the feast that Kay and her helpers put on!! Anyone who would like to contribute a side dish or a dessert would probably be put on a pedestal and worshipped…

PLEASE — let us know if you plan to eat dinner — there’s now a question in the sign up process.  It will greatly help to know how much food to prepare.  

FD Chairs for 2024 are Geep Howell and Dave Mears, please make comments, suggestions, complaints and anything else to them – or  And a HUGE thanks to Knight Smiley NJ4Q for all of his work in lining up CW ops.  Most of those spots are already covered!!

Please sign up for whatever time you can give, come out and have fun.  FD is a wonderful opportunity to learn contesting as well as antenna theory and setup, and the N1MM logging program.

Click Here For Directions to the Site


June 6, 2024  

Dear ARRL member,  

We are writing to inform you of a serious incident that has impacted ARRL’s operations. On or around May 12, 2024, ARRL was the victim of a sophisticated network attack by a malicious international cyber group. We immediately involved the FBI and engaged with third party experts to investigate.  On May 16, on the eve of the ARRL National Convention in Ohio, we posted a notice on our website to inform members about the incident. Since then, we have made substantial progress to mitigate the impact of this attack on our organization. We have been posting regular updates, including the status of restored services. Please refer to our dedicated news post at  

We are aware that certain members believe we should be openly communicating everything associated with this incident. We are working with industry experts, including cyber crime attorneys and the authorities, who have directed us to be conservative and cautious with our communications while restoring the ARRL network.  

Many of our services and programs have been impacted by this attack. We have been diligently assessing each system to ascertain the extent of compromise. For example, while the Logbook of The World® server and related user data were unaffected, we have taken the precautionary measure of keeping the service offline until we can ensure the security and integrity of our networks. Similarly, access to Online DXCC is unavailable, although individual award data remains secure.  

Fortunately, some of our key systems, such as the ARRL website and our association membership system, were unaffected. Despite the severity of the attack, no personal information was compromised. Additionally, ARRL does not store credit card information anywhere on our systems, and we do not collect social security numbers.  

Our Directors have heard from some members who are concerned about managing their membership renewals. Members can renew online at or by phoning ARRL. We understand the frustration and inconvenience this incident has caused, and we sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding as our dedicated staff and partners continue to work tirelessly to restore affected systems and services.  

Thank you for your ongoing support.  

Copyright © 2024 American Radio Relay League, Incorporated.

Use and distribution of this publication, or any portion thereof, is permitted for non-commercial or educational purposes, with attribution. All other purposes require written permission.  
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FCC to Require Two Factor Authentication for CORES Users

To strengthen existing cybersecurity measures and safeguard user accounts, starting on March 29, 2024, users of the FCC’s Commission Registration System (CORES) will be required to undergo a two-step login authentication process each time a user logs into CORES or its associated FCC User Registration System.

All applicants and licensees are required to access CORES to pay any application or regulatory fees, manage or reset a password on an existing FRN, or request a new FRN. When accessing the system, users will be prompted to request a six digit secondary verification code, which will be sent to the email address(es) associated with each username. The user will then need to enter the code into CORES before they can continue.

This additional layer of security will further safeguard against unauthorized access, thereby enhancing the overall integrity of information contained within the CORES system and improving the security of user data. We recommend registrants confirm they have access to their Username Account E-mail and add a secondary e-mail address, if appropriate. Please consult the article “Updating Your Username Account” for detailed instructions. 

Going forward, the FCC is in the process of adopting new technology to meet the “high confidence” Authenticator Assurance Level standard for identity proofing in order for a user to create or access an account within the CORES system. For inquiries or assistance regarding the implementation of multi-factor authentication on CORES, please submit a help request at or call 877-480-3201 (Mon.-Fri. 8 a.m.-6 p.m. ET).

For further information, please contact Warren Firschein Counsel, Office of Managing Director (202) 418-2653.

Robert “Bob” G. Heil (K9EID) is Silent Key

Robert “Bob” G. Heil, 83, of Belleville, IL, peacefully passed away February 28, 2024 with his loving family at his side at Belleville Memorial Hospital after a very brave battle with cancer.

Bob was born October 5, 1940 in St. Louis and preceded in death by his parents Robert (Bob) George and LaVerna (Bills) Heil. He is survived by his wife Sarah (Benton) Heil of Belleville, IL, his sister Barbara (Bob) Schneidewind of Indian Rocks Beach, FL, his daughters from his marriage to Judy Mortensen Heil, Julie (Mark) Staley of Springfield, IL, and Barbara (David) Hartley of St. Louis, MO, a son by marriage Ash (Michelle) Levitt, of Belleville, IL, and seven grandchildren, Jonathan, Cate, Lizzie, Charlie, Alex, Luke, and Julian.

Bob grew up in Marissa, IL. He attended the University of Illinois in Champaign, IL, and was a member of the Marching Illini and Phi Kappa Tau fraternity. He eventually transferred to St. Louis to study music. A student of the famous Stan Kann, Bob became a proficient theater organ musician at a young age, beginning to perform at various local restaurants at the age of 14. At the age of 15, he became a professional performer on the Wurlitzer theater organ at the Fabulous Fox Theatre in St. Louis. During that time, he learned to tune and voice the thousands of pipes in that great Wurlitzer organ. It was the platform that taught Bob how to listen – mentally dissecting discrete tones which became so important throughout his several careers. In his early twenties Bob began designing and building various theater pipe organ installations. In the evenings Bob played organ at the Holiday Inn restaurant in St. Louis six nights a week. Heil then opened Ye Olde Music Shop, a successful professional music shop in Marissa, Illinois, which ultimately became Heil Sound.

Bob became well-known for designing the concept of modern rock and roll systems we see today. Bob designed touring sound systems for rock and roll bands such as the Grateful Dead, the Who, and many others. Bob’s career was jumpstarted when the Grateful Dead arrived in St. Louis to play the Fabulous Fox in February 1970 without a sound system. Bob provided his own sound system for the show which was such a success that the band asked Bob and his sound system to join them on the road. That led to Bob designing sound and touring with the Who on their Who’s Next tour in 1971.

Bob invented the Heil Talk Box, which was frequently used by musicians such as Peter Frampton, Joe Walsh and Richie Sambora, and is still in use today by musicians of nearly every genre. The Heil Talk Box was the first high-powered talk box on the market, which could reliably be used on high-level rock stages. The first Heil Talk Box was built for Peter Frampton’s girlfriend to give to Peter as a Christmas present in 1974. It can be heard prominently on his 1975 album, Frampton and 1976’s Comes Alive – one of the best selling live albums of all time. His work made such an impact in the rock and roll industry that Heil Sound was invited to become the only manufacturer featured in a display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, in 2006. Some of Bob’s historically important gear, including the first modular mixing console (the Mavis), his custom quadraphonic mixer (originally used on the Quadrophenia tour), and the very first Heil Talk Box were included in the display. Bob’s work was also featured in the Missouri History Museum in St. Louis, MO.

An avid engineer, Bob proudly became an amateur radio operator at the age of 13 with the call sign K9EID. He spent much of his teen years designing and building homemade transmitters, amplifiers, and antenna systems, including his elaborate “moon bounce” antenna he used with NASA to transmit a signal to the moon and back. In the early 1980s, Bob left the pro sound industry to focus exclusively on the amateur radio market, first under the Melco brand, later returning to the Heil Sound brand, and currently under the Heil Ham Radio brand. Bob became a global innovator in the field of amateur radio, manufacturing headsets, microphones, equalizers, and accessories. Bob was very active in amateur radio giving countless presentations at hamfests and ham radio clubs, and a proud supporter of the Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL) and multiple youth programs for amateur radio.

Bob was a fixture in St. Louis through his “High Tech Heil” educational segments on KMOX radio plus KSDK and KTVI television. He frequently lectured at major electronic and satellite conventions, including CES and NAB shows in Las Vegas, Trebas Institute in Toronto and Blackbird Academy in Nashville. Bob recorded four albums as a musician such as Meet Me in St. Louis and Heil Plays Hammond, and also published five books on music and sound technology including Professional Drawbar Tips for the Hammond Organ, Practical Guide for Concert Sound, The 10 meter FM handbook, Heil Ham Radio Handbook, Practical Guide for Concert Sound – Volume 2, and part of the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) Oral History Library.

In the late 1980s, Heil Sound entered the home theater movement becoming popular in the United States. His company became one of the first to design Custom Home theater systems with over 3,000 systems installed by 2010. Heil installed the very first DSS System, which he placed at the St. Louis office of Bob Costas. He was also on the original test team for the RCA DirecTV dish system and became one of the largest RCA dealers in the world.

In the early 2000s, following a request from Bob’s longtime friend Joe Walsh to develop a new vocal microphone, Bob re-entered the pro sound industry and introduced a new line of professional microphones and accessories, which Heil Sound continues to manufacture today. Countless Grammy-winning artists, creators, broadcasters, podcasters, sound engineers, and sound professionals continue to be influenced by Bob’s work and products.

Bob won a number of awards and honors. He was the “International Amateur Radio Operator of the Year” in 1982, an award which had been held by Barry Goldwater the year before. He was later awarded the 1989 “USA Satellite Dealer of the Year” by the Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association in Las Vegas. In 1995, he received the very first “Live Sound Pioneer Award” at the Audio Engineering Society Convention in San Francisco. In 2007, Bob received the Audio Innovator Parnelli Award. In 2014, Bob was awarded an Honorary Doctoral Degree in Music and Technology from the University of Missouri.

In his retired years, Bob remained active in the amateur radio community by giving presentations to ham radio clubs all across the world. Bob also continued to play the Wurlitzer Organ at the Fabulous Fox Theatre and enjoyed spending time with Gracie, his malshi.

Bob was a member of Belleville Union United Methodist Church, a 50-year member of Marissa Lodge #881 AF and AM, and a 50-year member of Ainad Shrine.

His final act was one of service to others, donating his body to Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions can be made to Shriners Children’s St. Louis or the ARRL’s (American Radio Relay League) Education & Technology Fund, benefiting the ARRL’s education initiatives in schools.

A private family service will be held in his memory.

Upcoming LARC Programs

Woody White (KZ4AK), who is the LARC Vice-President, has lined up some great programs so far this year and there are more to come! The upcoming programs that are currently scheduled are as follows:

March – Bill Perkins (KC4D)  – CW

April – John Price (N4QWF) – Working satellites 

May –  John Portue (W6NBC) – Magnetic Antennas (via Zoom)

June – Field Day Update and Planning

With these great programs coming up, be sure not to miss our Lynchburg Amateur Radio Club (LARC) meetings!