Lynchburg Area Radio Nets

Virginia Mid State 2m Traffic Net

This net meets NIGHTLY with the exception of Thursday evenings

Time: 8:15
Repeater: 147.195
Tone: 136.5

The Virginia Mid State 2M Traffic net is open to all licensed amateur radio operators who would like to participate.

This is a great way to practice your radio operator skills.

If you’ve never joined a net before it’s easy.

When Net Control advises you to “please come now” simply throw out your call eg: “KK4SGS” followed by “Mobile/Portable/Base” and then wait for Net Control to call for you.

It’s that simple, and it’s fun. Give it a try.

The ROC good morning net
every morning M-F at 9 A.M.

Time: 8:15
Repeater: 147.195
Tone: 136.5

The ROC net procedure is a little different from the Mid-State net. However, not by much.


Thursday Evenings

See Schedule:  CLICK HERE

Central Virginia Sit-Rep Net

8 PM – Monday – Wednesday – Friday on the Apple Orchard Repeater

The purpose of the net is to spread information about situations developing in the Central Virginia area. It’s one of the wider area nets as the repeater gets people checking in from all over. 

Downlink: 146.68500
Uplink: 146.08500
Offset: -0.6 MHz
Uplink Tone: 100.0
Downlink Tone: 100.0
County: Botetourt
Grid: FM07FM
Call: WA1ZMS

6M Net

Net Control – W4AGP

FREQUENCY: 50.400 Upper Sideband