Lynchburg Area Radio Nets

Virginia Mid State 2m Traffic Net

This net meets every night but Thursday evenings

Time: 8:15
Repeater: 147.195
Tone: 136.5

The Virginia Mid State 2M Traffic net is open to all licensed amateur radio operators who would like to participate.

This is a great way to practice your radio operator skills.

If you’ve never joined a net before it’s easy.

When Net Control advises you to “please come now” simply throw out your call eg: “KK4SGS” followed by “Mobile/Portable/Base” and then wait for Net Control to call for you.

It’s that simple, and it’s fun. Give it a try.


The ROC good morning net
every morning M-F at 9 A.M.

Time: 8:15
Repeater: 147.195
Tone: 136.5

The ROC net procedure is a little different from the Mid-State net. However, not by much.


Thursday Evenings

See Schedule:  CLICK HERE

6M Net

Net Control – W4AGP

FREQUENCY: 50.400 Upper Sideband